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in spirit with my prayers and by participating as I am able to do. 
function of the ECW organization and to plan activities
First meeting of the NEW St. James ECW will be Sunday Sept 14 at 12pm. We will be discussing the upcoming fundraising, social events and outreach. Please join us. 
If you cannot make the meeting but have ideas or suggestions please email Anne at
Thank you!
I want to see a revitalized Episcopal Church Women group at St James, and I will support it
I am interested in participating on a design team which will work this to determine the structure and
I would consider taking on a leadership role for a single event planned by this group.
I am not able to be a leader, but I make a good helper. Please call on me to help with individual
I am willing to make a limited number of telephone calls.________
I can help with advertising events.
I can help with fundraising
I do not think we need an organized Episcopal Church Women group at St James at this time.